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Meridian University Telesummit-Psychotherapy &Qigong: Pathway to Psychospiritual Embodiment

Dr. Michael Mayer - Meridian University Telesummit:The Mystery of Embodiment

In this Tele-Summit, 30 pioneers and teachers in the filed of Somatic Studies are interviewed. Following is the interview with Dr. Michael Michael Mayer, "Integrating Psychotherapy and Qigong: A Pathway to Psychospiritual Embodiment." A 30 minute conversation, interviewed by Edmund Knighton, Neuropsychologist.

Dr Michael Mayer discusses his background and experience in somatic psychotherapy, and how specifically he has integrated Qigong and psychotherapy in his work with patients.

Bio: Michael Mayer, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, hypnotherapist, and Qigong/Tai Chi teacher who specializes in giving his patients self-healing methods for health problems. Dr. Mayer presents his approach to bodymind healing at professional conferences, national/international workshops, universities, and hospitals; and he is a keynote speaker. He co-founded the Transpersonal Psychology Program at John F. Kennedy University where he trained therapists for 12 years; and he is a co-founder of, and a practitioner at, The Health Medicine Center, a multi-disciplinary medical clinic practicing integrative health-care. Dr Mayer was the Focusing Training coordinator of the SF East Bay area for tne years. He pioneered the integration of Qigong and psychotherapy, and was the first person in the United States to train doctoral psychology students in these methods. Dr Mayer is board certified and a fellow of the American Association for Integrative Medicine. He is the author of twenty publications on bodymind healing including five books, and various peer reviewed articles on Qigong and hypertension. His Bodymind Healing Qigong DVD is currently being used in training of trauma therapists by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Medical Director, The Trauma Center, Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Mayer has certification programs which include Bodymind Healing Qigong for Qigong practitioners/teachers, and a Bodymind Health Practitioner’s Certification Program for health professionals. His book, Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy (2007), has been released as a trade paperback called Energy Psychology by North Atlantic/Random House, 2009. They have both received endorsements from leaders in mind-body medicine, and from the journal PsycCritiques. Michael's guiding image of "two streams becoming one" guides him as he joins East/West, mind/body and ancient/modern in his work.

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Meridian University Telesummit-Psychotherapy &Qigong: Pathway to Psychospiritual Embodiment

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