Bodymind Healing Workshop: Spirituality and Psychology Conference 2012 Menlo Park, Ca.

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Bodymind Healing Workshop: Spirituality and Psychology Conference 2012 Menlo Park, Ca.

Dr. Michael Mayer
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$29.95 Transpersonal Psychology Conference, Menlo Park, Ca

Bodymind Healing in Psychotherapy: Towards an Integral Transpersonal Psychology

With the current healthcare crises, mind-body healing approaches offer much to ameliorate the health issues of our country. Dr Mayer’s approach called Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy isan integral, transpersonal approach, which combines traditional forms of psychotherapy, Eugene Gendlin’s “focusing” technique, ancient sacred wisdom traditions such as Qigong, and symbolic process approaches to healing. Dr Mayer has tested his approach at an integrative medical clinic that he co-founded. In this workshop participants will discover how to apply these methods to anxiety, chronic pain, hypertension, anxiety, and trauma. Case illustrations, Qigong practices, and research will be presented.


10:00 -10:30

• Presenters background

• Towards an Integral Transpersonal Psychotherapy


• Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy with Anxiety Disorder


• Self-Healing Methods for Health: Integrating Qigong into Behavioral Healthcare

• What Qigong Gives Psychotherapy? What Psychotherapy gives Qigong?

11:15- 11:30

• Summary of Qigong’s uses in Psychotherapy and Behavioral healthcare: Chronic Pain,

Hypertension, Insomnia


• The Psychotherapy of Shape Shifting: Psychotherapy as Changing your Life’s Stance

• The Integral Aspects of Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy: Not Using a word about

Qigong and no Qigong Movements

• Case Illustrations: Social Phobia, Anchoring movements at moment of Felt shift, Repulse Monkey

11:45—11:55 Research and Ethics

11:55-12:00 Questions

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